What is Engagement?

To measure student engagement, we needed to come up with a definition that was simple. This definition also needed to incorporate the intangible elements that could be recognized when witnessed, but were difficult to articulate.

Our definition:

Engaged students are:

  • self-motivated
  • actively interested
  • retaining and applying the learning
  • risk-takers

An engaging task is:

  • achievable
  • meaningful

The Learning Cube:
To increase student engagement, we have decided to utilize the cube below as outlined in John Antonetti's book Writing as a Measure and Model of Thinking. When planning activities, teachers should utilize one element from each side of the cube. On the top of the cube are Robert Marzano's instructional strategies, on the right side are the upper levels of Bloom's taxonomy while the elements on the front of the cube are from Phil Schleckty.